A New Step for glass textile

Isometric is a true innovation in the glass textile field. it is developed to be extremely strong and solid, and very easy to work with. Isometric also offers a new option when it comes to visual appearance – with a more symmetric look for the modern society.

Linear System Technology

Isometric is based on a totally new weaving procedure (patent pending). It enables a straight pick line and an even distance between all weft threads and all warp threads. This gives an extremely straight and solid weave. Joints go together perfectly and the overall finish is extraordinary good.

Very easy to get a perfect result

The Linear System technology gives several functional benefits. First of all Isometric is really easy to work with.The un-textured yarns give less dust and less skin irritation. The woven fabric feels much more flexible than other glass textiles.  Isometric is very quick and easy to apply on the wall, and works extraordinary well in inner and on outer corners, as well as on pillars, edged etc.  Isometric looks good both before and after painting and is also quick and easy to paint.

A totally new look

Isometric offers a more symmetrical appearance, with a tight, straight and even look.With the perfect finish in every detail, it gives an updated look – leaning at futuristic – and it is a new and suitable alternative for the modern society.

Isometric takes glass textile into the future

As part of the well known Scandatex family, Isometric offers the security of a high quality product coming from a well known and reliable supplier. It enhances freedom of choice when going for glass textile, with new functional benefits and a totally new look. Isometric strengthens the whole glass textile offer – and takes it into the future.

Idea S 6001 Vector

Idea_Minima_pattern_banner_751x150 3

Minima is a new Glass Textile Wallcovering that will give your wall a smooth surface with a minimalistic, textile pattern. It is almost as smooth as a painter mat, and is inspired by the looks of a painter canvas. Yet Minima has all the strong characteristics from a traditional Glass Textile Wallcovering from Scandatex. Minima is non combustible.

Approved according to Euroclass B-s1,d0. Minima strengthens the wall and makes it resistant to hits and impacts. In older walls with cracks, Minima hides blemishes in the wall surface. With its flat surface Minima is easy to clean and maintain. After some years of wear and tear, a coat of paint will give you a fresh and always modern surface.

Minima is woven from inorganic materials, stable to variations in relative humidity and almost insensitive to moisture.

Idea S 6101 Silk

Idea S 6102 Denim

Idea S 6103 Cotton